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What Our Customers Say

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Katherine M.

Our family has been seeing Dr. Medina for years now, and he has helped each and everyone of our family members. He was able to diagnose and remedy my vertigo by doing the Elpey maneuver, also helped our daughter recover from a concussion (equestrian fall). A few family members were diagnosed with Hashimoto's... solving the health issues that has been so hard to overcome... Dr. Medina has furthered his DO with intensive study in neurological and endocrine/thyroid health.

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Marci G.

I've struggled with hormone issues for years. Finally, I went to Dr. Medina and I'm so happy I did. I got a month long female hormone panel done and based on those results Dr. Medina was able to confidently tell me the root cause for why I was still having adult acne issues and unbearable mensural cramps. After only 3 month on the supplement protocol he recommended, my acne was gone, yes gone! I can't tell you how much of a confidence booster that is unless you've lived with acne since your teens. As for my cramps, I've been able to get off the prescription pain killer I was on in order to keep the pain in check and at a level where I wasn't having to throw up. Now I have only a few hours of mild cramps and the rest of my period is pretty easy going. Game changer for me. I highly recommend Dr. Medina if you are having any hormone issues or feel others haven't been able to help.

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Christina E.

Autoimmune patient. My autoimmune and digestive issues had soared out of control, and Dr. Medina was the calm, knowledgeable, ever supportive functional doctor that led me through incredibly difficult decisions to ditch my vegan diet. After several months working with Dr. Medina, my stomach and all autoimmune issues have been resolved for many months now and I eat a wide variety of foods. I rarely crave the empty calorie snacks, I'm consistently at my ideal weight with little effort, and my entire body composition has changed. I look and feel much, much healthier. It was a difficult but necessary journey for me and Dr. Medina is just the kind of guy you want on your side to help you navigate your way through. He has positively altered the quality of my life forever. Thank you, Dr. Medina!

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Fallon W.

Dr. Medina is a lifesaver! This review is long overdue. I first came to see him in Summer of 2019 for an autoimmune skin disease called Lichenplanus. My skin was out of control - very dry, flakey, itchy, rashy, peeling on my hands, arms and chest. I wanted to hide those parts of my body all the time. I was tired of going to my dermatologist who kept prescribing me the strongest steroid cream and sending me on my way. Ernesto was incredibly thorough with his examinations and testing and dedicated to finding the root cause. Through extensive bloodwork we found an underlying bacterial infection that was likely contributing to my skin issues. I followed a very strict liver and digestive cleanse/detox for five weeks which revealed hidden food sensitivities which were also contributing to my skin flaring up. By October of 2019 my skin had cleared up and I now know that I'm allergic to too much soy and particular white wines, both which would cause my skin to break out. Additionally, Dr. Medina has helped me with my slipped disc impinging my sciatic nerve (spondylolisthesis) through chiropractic adjustments and exercises to help me strengthen my core. The third thing he has helped me with is getting my hormones back in balance after being on hormonal birth control my whole life. I had to stop seeing Ernesto in March of 2020 when the pandemic hit because I am self employed and lost a majority of my work so I had to adjust my financial spending. He is truly the best, so knowledgeable and trustworthy - he changed my life and health and I am so very grateful.I will definitely be back in the near future to continue working on my back and balancing out my hormones. Thank you, Ernesto!

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Nelson Amarante

The people at 4 healing health and wellness were very knowledgeable and helped me with my back pain where after a couple.of sessions I was back to being my old self. I definitely recommend them for any of you chiropractic or massage needs. Yuneisa is a superb massage therapist who knew exactly what spots to hit to ease my pain. I felt as if the entire staff was dedicated to my well-being. They have a patient for life!

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Michelle Ganje

This may well have been the single best massage I’ve had. I wanted a deep tissue massage with a lot of pressure and Sonu delivered perfectly - it hurt *so good* I could feel my muscles release a bunch of stored tension. He hit my muscles at every angle, way better than any massage I got as a member at a chain massage company. He knows what he’s doing. Support local business y’all.

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Polina Shabarova

Professional team and approach, pleasant environment. Both me and my husband had a massage, which helped a lot with the tension and pain. My husband says that it was interesting and effective to get a massage from someone stronger than him (we went to Sonu, who's a wrestler and massage therapist). Highly recommend this team and place. There's also a beautiful park right across the road where it was great to reflect and relax even more afterwards..

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Kathelee hc

Impressed with the service and the professionalism. They definitely know what they’re doing… I’ve been struggling with lots of pain, I fly a lot and I am always complaining about my back due work, a friend recommended me to go to 4Healing Health and I’m not lying when I say that I received the best massage in my whole life. I feel relieved and so much better! They are all professionals and the attention was the best. I’ll go back soon. Thank you for being amazing.

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geeta patel

I got my massage here last Saturday. It was amazingggggg! The entire experience was everything! I love that they have a variety of selections to chose from and that they send you a reminder for your appointment. I love how nice everyone was. The person I had do my massage was awesome(yuniesa) she made me feel very comfortable and she did a great job! Overall l loved it and I will definitely be booking another massage here soon! I recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a massage . wonderful massage and great vibes!

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Darya Ledesma

Went to a massage session tonight - the place was very neat and clean, the room was pleasant and quite. Massage was very good, I have tight muscles and the masseur did a great job loosening up my muscles. I would recommend this place.

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Jackie Moses

Went to a massage session tonight - the place was very neat and clean, the room was pleasant and quite. Massage was very good, I have tight muscles and the masseur did a great job loosening up my muscles. I would recommend this place.