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Dr. Ernesto Medina, DC was the former founder of the Bay Area Health and Wellness Center in San Jose, CA, a Functional Nutrition and Neurology based health center focused on helping people with chronic unresolved health struggles that conventional medicine has been unable to help.

He is currently a member of the Kharrazian Institute where he continues to stay up to date with the latest research and clinical applications in functional medicine and clinical neuroscience to better serve his patients.

Dr. Medina is a contributing co-author of the best-selling anthology book, “Break Free To Stand In Your Power”. The intention of this book is to provide powerful wisdom, tips, and insights around stepping more into your power and purpose and becoming more empowered in your life, health, business, and career. This book will become a powerful resource to those looking to learn and grow around empowerment and the remarkable courage it takes to start on the empowerment path.

Dr. Medina’s biggest hobbies include training and teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, training in Crossfit and going out salsa dancing with his wife. He also has two small energetic dogs at home who love to be walked and cuddled.

Ernesto Medina, DC

Chiropractor and Functional Nutritionist


- Doctor of Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West

- B.A. in Psychology from University of California San Diego

Post Graduate Training:

- Functional Neurology Seminars:

  1. Anatomy and Central Neurological Pathways
  2. Peripheral Vestibular Disorders and Cerebellum Disorders with Applications
  3. Central Vestibular and Cerebellum Disorders with Applications
  4. Neurology Eye Movements for Diagnosis and Treatment Applications
  5. Basal Ganglia and Hypokinetic Disorders with Applications

- Apex Functional Medicine Seminars:

  1. Mastering the Thyroid
  2. Mastering Brain Chemistry
  3. Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry
  4. Functional Endocrinology

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- Kharrazian Institute: Comprehensive Functional Medicine Training:

  1. Neuroinflammation Clinical Strategies and Treatment Applications
  2. Autoimmunity Clinical Strategies and Treatment Applications
  3. Hashimoto’s Clinical Strategies and Treatment Applications
  4. Diabetes and Dysglycemia Clinical Strategies and Treatment Applications
  5. Infertility, Prenatal Care, Maternal Health Clinical Strategies and Treatment Applications
  6. Cognitive Decline & Dementia Clinical Strategies and Treatment Applications
  7. Chronic Fatigue & Pain Syndromes Clinical Strategies and Treatment Applicatio
  8. Childhood Developmental Disorders Clinical Strategies and Treatment Applications
  9. Cardiovascular & Neurovascular Clinical Strategies and Clinical Applications

Sonu Patel

Massage Therapist

Sonu is a licensed Massage Therapist who has been an international-level wrestler for more than 10 years. Therefore, massage therapy and great body mechanics come naturally. Massage therapy runs in his family, as he grew up wrestling and fixing muscular aches and pains. His experience has helped him develop a sixth sense for identifying the root cause of his client’s aches and pains.

He currently teaches continued education classes to other Massage Therapists and has traveled the world teaching massage seminars to students.

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Yuneisa graduated from Therapeutic Massage and has been working as a masseuse for more than 6 years. It is her passion and her life to relieve, heal, and transmit security and confidence through therapeutic massage. According to her, after receiving this massage, it is like going back to being born. She works to eliminate stressors carried throughout life which allows a healing response via a holistic system suitable for each person according to their physiology and the body’s response to healing.

Her background in teaching and her certification in Osteopathy benefit her patients greatly through the integration of osteopathy and massage, thus tackling the musculoskeletal system. This joint muscle interaction during the massage is evident in her work.

Yuneisa’s main areas of expertise include: deep tissue, myofascial tissue, discomforts and tensions of all the vertebral muscles, stretching combined with passive mobilizations, visceral techniques for the treatment of the muscles of the abdominal organs, and treatment for the cranial Primary Respiratory Movement.

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Yuneisa Rodriguez

Massage Therapist